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Amerelle Switch Plates

Greetings and welcome to your all-in-one resource and shopping site for Amerelle switch plates and other Amerelle (and AmerTac) products. Feel free to read on to learn more about these switch plates and find product offerings both from this site and other third-party companies.

About Amerelle

Amerelle is a brand started by AmerTac, Inc.

AmerTac manufactures decorative wall plates, night lights, utility lights, cabinet lighting, lighting controls, and plant accessories. The company was founded in 1937 in New York City as the American Tack Company. It soon became the country’s largest supplier of thumb tacks and decorative furniture nails. In the 1990s, they acquired Hold-All Manufacturing, Hemco Lighting Controls, and Westek Lighting.

To date, AmerTec has three household-name brands namely: Amerelle, Westek, and HoldAll.

Amerelle, described as Amerelle – Decorative Home Accents, is a leading source of night lights and specialty lights. They have basic and decorative products ranging from utility lines to high technology specialty products.

About their wall plates

Wall plates are a major part of Amerelle’s product categories. Their plates are totally decorative and are a step up from the normal (and boring) electrical box covers. Their plates add accent to any room that can match or compliment any theme. They have plates made from various materials such as steel, composite, ceramic, glass, and even picture plates and three-dimensional design plates.

Sample hot-selling products

Below are just some examples of Amerelle’s unique wall plates. Click on each item to read more about them. Their complete line of wall plates and other products can be viewed from the links following the featured items.

Amerelle 60TAB

amerelle switch plateThe 60TAB is a gorgeous wall plate made from polished brass—item is also available in satin nickel. The cast metal plate is designed with rosebuds and ornate scrolls. The attention to detail in this plate is astounding and it even comes with color-matched screws. Shown is the plate for a toggle configuration. It is also available to accommodate duplex, rocker, and double toggle switches.

Click here to read more about the 60TAB.

Amerelle 60TTAW

amerelle wall plateAlso available in polished brass, the 60TTAW features an intricate design of rosebuds and scrolls set in a white cast metal. It has a double toggle configuration to accommodate two adjacent switches. The plate is UL approved; matching decorative hardware is also available.

Click here to read more about the 60TTAW.

Amerelle 85TVB

amerelle light switch coverUp next is a darker-themed plate. The 85TVB accommodates a single toggle switch and is available for only $7.37. It features an intricate embossed leaves and boughs design, made from cast metal Venetian bronze. Also includes color-matched screws.

Click here to purchase the 85TVB or see other configurations for this product.

Amerelle 83TAN

amerelle 83tan plateThe 83TAN is available in antique nickel and copper. It features a unique ornamental lines and curves design, set in nickel cast metal. The TAN is for single toggle switch configuration, but same-design models are also available for dual toggle, duplex, and rocker switch configurations.

Click here to read more about the Amerelle 83TAN.

Amerelle’s complete line of wall plates

Listed below are links (internal and external) to view the current complete line of wall plates sold by Amerelle. They have hundreds of available designs grouped together by the material used—steel, composite, etc.

Click on each link to view the products.

  1. Amerelle Brass Wall Plates.
  2. Amerelle Nickel Wall Plates.
  3. View Amerelle’s Complete 2010 line of wall plates.

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