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Top 8 Light Switch Covers for Kids

The lighthearted truly go all-out when it comes to their light switch covers. Many an idea have been floating around the internet for unique, usually funny light switch covers that poke fun at popular culture, our simply because of its odd shape that reminds people of so many things.

The unique covers are not only for adults, though. Kids can have as much fun with theirs, as well. From cute to funny, these light covers will surely put a smile on your children's faces every time they flick that switch. So, sit back and enjoy as we give you the top 8 light covers from our research.

1. Cute Whimsical Bluebird Light Switch Cover

whimsical bluebird light switch coverAdd design to your kid's room with this cute, whimsical bluebird light switch cover. It perfectly fits standard US single pole light switches. No one would miss the switch with its vibrant, full-color AcryliPrint® HD printing. The light switch is placed right where the bird's beak is, so it's like you're switching the light on and off with it! Super cute!

Available on Zazzle; click here to check it out.

2. Shabby Chic Decorative Light Switch Cover

light cover by Shabby ChicThis cast iron-made fancy light switch cover will surely make any daughter feel like a princess in her room. Its gorgeous ornate rose flower design will give the special feeling of being in your own castle. It comes in twenty-four different color choices, with options to distress. Some of the colors are ivory, white, and ballet slipper. It also comes with screws.

3. Arcade Light Switch Plate

arcade light coverThis fun arcade button-looking light switch plate is perfect for your kids' bedroom or game room. It has two button switches that come in different colors. While boys usually are the ones fond of arcades, this product also has variants for girls. They are available in pink, purple, and yellow for little girls who also fancy playing games. This product is highly rated on so better get one now!

4. Power-up Arcade Light Switch Plate

Power-up switch coverLevel your light switch game up with the Power-up Arcade Light Switch Plate. This switch lets you turn the light on and off using a joystick! How cool is that? Plus, it easily fits over your current light switch. This product is very easy to install as it requires no special handyman/electrician skills. It is battery-operated, though, but it already comes with two AA batteries when you purchase it. Suggested use for kids 5 years old and above (yeah, like that will stop the grown-ups from buying one, too).

Check current price on Amazon

5. Lumos/Nox (Harry Potter) Light Switch Cover

Harry Potter switch coverHarry Potter fans, unite! This is for all you fanatics out there! Of course, real fans know what "lumos" and "nox" mean. The stone-textured design of the Harry Potter Lumos/Nox light switch cover gives you the feeling of being in the fictional world itself. Complete your kid's room's Hogwarts-inspired interior design with this awesome cover. It is very easy to install and comes with 2 screws that is painted to match the design. It is also available in double, triple, and for decorator switches.

Check out its perfect customer rating on

6. Lego Connecting Light Switch Cover

Lego light coverEvery kid loves playing Lego, right? This Lego-style switch cover is surely a fun item to add to your kid's room. Once the plate is attached to your existing light switch, feel free to connect any of your current Lego pieces and have fun with your own design!

Selling for $7.99 on

7. Wooden Octopus Switch Plate

octopus light switch coverThis handmade wooden light switch cover will surely match an ocean-themed kid's room. It is laser-cut and engraved to its own uniqueness. You wouldn't tell it is where you switch the lights on and off because of its shape and design. You also don't have to worry about moist since this product goes through a multi-step process of sanding and clear coat sealing to protect it from moisture and UV exposure.

The manufacturer of this octopus wood light switch cover also offers other equally cute and unique designs. Check our their store on Etsy here.

8. Personalized Pink Princess Light Switch Cover

pink princess switch coverThis pretty-in-pink light switch cover lets you put your little princess' name on it. Customize it by putting your kid's name on it and make her feel like she rules (at least in her own bedroom!). Your little girl will definitely feel special when you get this light switch cover for her princess-themed room!